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Our carefully hand picked selection of tools, resources and services to help buy or sell a home.

Understanding Window Terminology

This site is an excellent primer about different types of windows and the glass that keeps cold out and heat in. (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen) 


Home Maintenance Schedule

This site provides a full list of seasonal tips covering everything from furnace cleaning to ensuring windows and skylights close properly. (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen)


Furnace Maintenance

This Union Gas sites explains why an annual maintenance check is required and how to find a professional serviceperson, plus tips of the proper use of other natural gas appliances such as your water heater. (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen)



Access to a wealth of tips and tools to help lower home energy costs and reduce the strain on both your wallet and the provincial electricity grid. Ten downloadable brochures deal with topics ranging from heating and lighting to meter reading and landscaping. (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen)



Set up by an Ottawa-based company, this site provides access to home energy audit software that enables homeowners in less than 40 minutes to learn where and how they can save money and energy at home. (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen)


Cooling and Ventilation Equipment and Controls

As the mercury rises, this Natural Resources Canada site has the goods to keep your home cool and comfortable. Find out what’s best for your home., room air conditioners, a heat pump, central air or fans, the most efficient models and how to avoid wasting electricity. (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen) attr=4


Natural Resources Canada- How Your Home Works

Everything you need to know to keep your home warm and comfortable, including how the building envelope works, how to control heat loss and heat flow, causes of condenstaion, the workings of your heating system and your role in ensuring the place performs to the best of its ability. Scroll part way down the page to the heading “How Your Home Works.” (source: courtesy of Ottawa Citizen)

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